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Considering the recent trends of business premises, the good location of an office building is more important than parking possibility, writes business premises broker at Arco Vara, Kaarel Paap.

Modern city space means valuing environment, where energy-efficient bureau buildings, environment-friendly transport solutions, green areas and the division of street space for the sake of pedestrians and light vehicles are on the foreground.

Similarly to changes in the urban milieu, people expect also from their workplace much more than simply a place to work. Hence, it is no longer most important to work in a city centre office reminiscent of a glass box, possess a parking place and pay for it hundred or more euros a month. More important appears to be the possibility to get to work comfortably by public transport or for the sake of health, on foot or by bike.

Nowadays, everyone has little time and office premise developers, wishing to offer great solutions for customers, need to pay ever more attention to efficiently joining people’s work and leisure time. Thus, in terms of office buildings, most significant issues concern the location of cycle and pedestrian tracks, green areas, public transport options and possibilities for washing and dressing.

In Tallinn, one of the most important aspects for companies is becoming the location of bureau premise in an area of cultural and environmental value, such as Kadriorg and especially the park, where construction of additional buildings is not a concern.

One such business building is under construction by Narva hwy at the area between Tallinn song festival ground and Kadriorg park. The architectural shape of this Narva hwy 116 building has been designed attractive, valuing the milieu of Kadriorg. Within a short walk from that house, you can find Pirita promenade, Tallinn song festival ground, KUMU art museum and the gorgeous Kadriorg castle with the Japanese garden.

The building’s external look is shaped by its main materials dolomite and glass, which have been designed in a modern minimalistic style. Along the plot border, a metal bordering fence of edged steel will be built on the supportive wall. In order to emphasize the verticality of the building, high windows have been designed.