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Creating homes in a
smart way

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A modern workplace in an office is no longer a couple of square meters large floor surface with a desk, desk lamp and an office chair, but something much more, writes the business premises broker at Arco Vara, Kaarel Paap.

It is not a secret that it is very difficult to find tenants to C Class office premises in older houses, where the owner has not taken the care to invest, since many companies cannot offer an old-fashioned working environment for the employees any longer. People have become more aware and salary is no longer the only motivation which makes people leave home in the morning and get to work. A pleasant, comfortable and functional work environment has become increasingly important.

This means that the employer must be able to offer simultaneously the technology needed for working and the spaces as well as the possibility for private space, relaxation and taking it slowly. A work environment that offers good emotions must have a friendly and pleasant work environment and be free of discrimination.

Meanwhile, flexibility must be preserved, since the wider the possibilities for working, the more likely it is to get done more. For this, contemporary technological solutions must be used to enable working also outside of office. In periods of flu, it is important to keep away people infected; however, some tasks cannot wait until the day after tomorrow – a text file sent from home is better than a text submitted later. And if you forgot to send this “one” file before vocation, it is easier to do it during vocation than start to explain to a colleague in the office what exactly needs to be done.

Offer a healthy work environment

Valued employers are those who besides meeting of obligatory health requirements (ventilation, lighting, ergonomic solutions) enable more to their employees. Creation of sporting possibilities, a bike garage or a park and respective washing and dressing possibilities are elementary in many offices. The possibility to have lunch on a roof terrace or balcony in case of nice weather or to just take a short rest is an addition to nice salary.
Companies need to be ready that depending on the nature of the work and the tools used, workplaces might not be located in the rooms exactly like prescribed in the office planning phase. Moreover, the locations of employees can change with time. Thus, the spatial solution of the office must leave flexible solutions for positioning and repositioning of workplaces.

By winter, for example, one such new business building will be completed in Kadriorg, next to the Song Festival Grounds, where all modern requirements on office premises have been already accounted with during design. The net surface of the business building is ca 850 m². A smart house system is being used – underfloor water heating and cooling controlled by mobile, ventilation with heat recovery and high windows that ensure rooms with lots of light. In addition, parking places, storerooms and of course a good location –Pirita promenade, Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and the gorgeous Kadriorg castle and Japanese garden are within a short walk.