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AS LHV Varahaldus has proposed that Rain Lõhmus (personal identification number: 36612300228) and Arvo Nõges (personal identification number: 36909260391) be elected as additional members of the supervisory board of Arco Vara AS. Both candidates have provided their written consent to be elected to the supervisory board of Arco Vara AS.

We hereby disclose the draft resolution: Draft Resolution LHV.pdf

The assets of pension funds LHV Pensionifond L, LHV Pensionifond XL and LHV Pensionifond M, which are managed by AS LHV Varahaldus, include (and included at the date the list of shareholders was prepared) 5.70% of the shares in Arco Vara AS.

An extraordinary meeting of the shareholders of Arco Vara AS will be held in the conference centre of the Park Inn by Radisson Central hotel, Narva mnt 7c, Tallinn on 30 July 2012 at 9.00 am.
Lembit Tampere
Chairman of the Management Board
Arco Vara AS
Tel: +372 614 4630
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